What do nutritionists say?

A diet is defined as balanced when it presents all the macro and micronutrients necessary for the health of our body. By providing all the substances we need, we guarantee regular growth and development during the early stages of life, and we maintain mental and physical wellbeing in adulthood. To be balanced, nutrition must necessarily be varied, that is, include the largest number of foods available, preferably consumed according to the season. Just to guarantee a complete nutritional supply for the organism, the Guidelines of CREA, Food and Nutrition Research Center, recommend the consumption of a food belonging to each nutritional group: The Cereals and Tubers Group, with their products; The Fruit, Legumes and Vegetables Group; The Meat, Fish and Eggs; The Condiment Fats Group. To promote the knowledge of the nutritional principles and the composition of the different foods, their origin and their uses in the kitchen, the project "Works and lives. Digital preservation and promotion of orality and traditions linked to the intangible heritage of the Mediterranean diet in Campania and in exemplary UNESCO communities” has included the creation of short videos, made by the Nutritionist, Dietitian and Biologist Dr. Roberta Romanelli, in which she describes the main foods that characterize the Mediterranean diet, and delineates the nutritional profile and the various beneficial properties of them. The various macronutrients are also discussed, including proteins, carbohydrates and lipids, in order to provide a basic understanding of human nutrition.