Alessandro Menotti was an Italian pioneer in cardiovascular and epidemiology diseases and an important researcher in the Italian team of the Seven Countries Study. He was recruited by Ancel Keys’s medical collaborator in Rome, Vittorio Puddu, and he became research associate at the Laboratory of Physiological Hygiene in Minnesota, participating in various field surveys.

Interview by: Elisabetta Moro
Video by: Elisabetta Moro. Editing video by: Annalisa Rascato
Subtitle by: Annalisa Balzano
Document by: Rosanna D’Alessandro
Created: 18-06-2015
Alessandro Menotti

Alessandro Menotti

Year: 1934
City: Riva di Garda
Profession: Epidemiologist
Language: Italian

Video table of contents

- 00:32 The beginning of collaboration with Ancel Keys
- 03:07 The initial hypothesis of the "Seven Countries Study"
- 04:19 The different roles of Menotti in the "Seven Countries Study"
- 07:08 geographical disease
- 10:09 The Mediterranean diet frugal like chinese diet
- 11:32 Olive Oil
- 12:56 Study in Nicotera
- 19:30 Studies in Marche and Emilia Romagna
- 20:57 Finnish and Greek diet
- 23:44 The relationship between Menotti and Keys
- 30:42 Who invented the definition of the Mediterranean diet?
- 32:28 Minnelea
- 37:50 The relationship between Ancel and his wife Margaret
- 39:00 Lake Garda: the Mediterranean oasis in North Italy
- 40:11 The flat memory
- 41:10 UNESCO recognition
- 45:28 The discoveries of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità
- 54:18 Food pyramid of who

Informazioni geografiche

Country: IT
Region: Lazio
City Roma
District: RM
Altitude: 21m s.l.m.

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