Annamaria La Greca, born in Pollica on September 5, 1963, had a fish shop for twenty-five years; today she is the owner and cook of “‘A Tartana”, in Acciaroli, a small restaurant where the basis of everything, in its simple, traditional and zero-kilometer cuisine, are fish and vegetables. She cooked for pleasure, today her most requested dish is “spaghetti with red shrimps”. Her husband and father were fishermen. Today the husband takes care of the production of their oil made daily; with a shaker and nets he does everything on the spot: he collects the olives and takes them to the mill. Wine, bread, olive ammaccate: the cuisine in Cilento was poor – Annamaria says – made up of “the art of getting by” by eating in a way that respects the lifestyle of the Mediterranean Diet. Today, in the eggplants parmigiana, for Annamaria a symbolic dish of Mediterranean life, she also adds potatoes, in memory of a past time in which there was the need to fill bellies with more substantial preparations, which filled the lack of other foods.

Interiew by: Rossella Galletti
Video by: Rossella Galletti, Mariangela Bianco, Marco Bottigliero
Video Editing by: Antonio Puzzi
Document by: Monica Cirillo, Rossella Galletti
Subtitle ita/eng by: Marco Bottigliero, Francesca Magnani
Translation by: Monica Cirillo, Francesca Magnani
MedEatResarch – Center of Social Research on the Mediterranean Diet of the University of Naples Suor Orsola Benincasa, head by Marino Niola and Elisabetta Moro
Realized: 11/2022

Annamaria La Greca

Annamaria La Greca

Year: 5-09-1963
City: Pollica
Profession: Restaurateur
Language: Italian

Video table of contents

0:04 Annamaria and her restaurant
1:46 The daily oil
2:28 The farmers' market
2:49 A fish shop for 25 years
2:52 A family of fishermen
3:36 Spaghetti with red shrimp
4:13 Cilento-style anchovies
6:47 Strictly traditional cuisine
7:20 I love everything about Cilento
7:39 Mediterranean diet, a lifestyle
8:08 Eggplants parmigiana with potatoes
9:18 Red wine and memories of the harvest
10:19 Bread is important
10:58 Acquasale and olive ammaccate
10:32 The art of "getting by"

Geographic information

Country: IT
Region: Campania
Città: Acciaroli (SA)
Altitude: 201 m

Links and attachements

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