Henry Blackburn was born in Miami, Florida, on March 22, 1925. Educated at the University of Miami and Tulane University School of Medicine, he was then trained at the University of Minnesota. He established clinics for Methodist missions in Cuba in 1949. He joined the faculty of the Laboratory of Physiological Hygiene at Minnesota in 1956 and conducted field surveys of the Seven Countries Study through 1972. That year he became Director of the Laboratory upon Ancel Keys’s retirement, and in 1983 became chairman of the Division of Epidemiology.

Interview by: Elisabetta Moro and Rossella Galletti
Video by: Rossella Galletti. Editing by: Davide Mancini
Subtitle by: Rossella Galletti
Document by: Rossella Galletti
MedEatResarch – Center of Social Research on the Mediterranean Diet of the University of Naples Suor Orsola Benincasa, head by Marino Niola and Elisabetta Moro

Realized: 11-05-2015
Henry Blackburn

Henry Blackburn

Date of birth: 22-03-1925
City: Miami
Profession: Professor Emeritus, Division of Epidemiology and Community Health
Language: English

Video table of contents

- 00:21 A life for the research
- 04:22 Heart Attack Prevention
- 05:26 Seven Countries Study
- 07:56 Childood in Florida
- 09:51 Happiness by research
- 11:05 Not only cells
- 15:45 Mediterranean Diet
- 22:10 Working with Ancel Keys? An adventure
- 25:00 Mediterranean styles
- 28:00 The diet of an expert in nutrition
- 31:00 American styles
- 33:00 Is the Mediterranean Diet bad?
- 35:00 Public Health
- 37:00 Ancel Keys and Cilento memories
- 47:30 Inheritance "emotions"

Geographic information

Nazione: US
Città: Minnesota
Altitudine: 264m s.l.m.

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