Nino D’Andrea is a professional chef, grandson of Ancel Keys and Margaret Haney, who first discovered the benefits of healthy eating and lifestyle (a style he himself renamed Mediterranean Diet). In the interview, Nino D’Andrea recounts his memories of his grandparents and the Mediterranean Diet.

Interview by: Rossella Galletti
Video by: Elisabetta Moro. Editing video by: Valeria Bava
Subtitle ITA/ENG: Mariangela Bianco e Francesca Magnani
Document by: Valeria Bava, MedEatResearch – Centro di Ricerche Sociali sulla Dieta Mediterranea, diretto da Marino Niola e Elisabetta Moro
Created: 05-05-2015

Video table of contents

- 00:09 The memory of the grandparents
- 16:45 Childhood memories of Pioppi
- 29:15 The cooking of Maggie and childhood memories
- 32:58 Mediterranean Diet view from the nephew of Keys
- 39:35 Life as chef
- 46:38 The art of home made pastas
- 49:55 Ancel Keys in the kitchen
- 52:08 Ancel and Margaret Keys's favourite food
- 53:40 Ancel Keys's birthday
- 55:53 The cultural heritage passed down by his grandparents

Geographic information

Country: America
District: Minnesota

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