Defined as ‘the man who whispers to the anchovies’, as well as the creator of the Genovese tuna, Pasquale Torrente narrates his culinary philosophy, retracing the fundamental moments of his life and remembering with great emotion the people who brought him into this world, leaving an indelible sign on him.

Each dish, he brings to the table at Casa Torrente, is the result of tradition, innovation and study.

The chef explains how, during the time, this 17th-century cloister preserves the soul, the family bond, while at the same time not being afraid to invest in new technologies that respect the environment. The focus of all his work remains on the raw material and the promotion of typical local products.

Interiew by: Emanuela Marra
Video by: Emanuela Marra, Mascolo Anna
Video Editing by: Mantova Mila
Document by: Emanuela Marra, Mascolo Anna
Subtitle ita/eng by: Emanuela Marra, Mascolo Anna
Translation by: Emanuela Marra, Mascolo Anna
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Pasquale Torrente

Pasquale Torrente

Year: 08/03/1964
City: Cetara
Profession: Chef, Productor
Language: Italian

Video table of contents

00:02 The timeline of "Casa Torrente"
01:29 Memories & traditions
03:56 The first approach
05:56 The daughter: Genovese of tuna
07:00 Cetara Anchovy Colatura
08:36 The art of frying
10:59 The value of simplicity

Geographic information

Country: IT
Region: Campania
Città: Cetara (SA)
Altitude: 15 m s.l.m

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’L’uomo che sussurra alle alici’’- Pasquale Torrente,
Catering collana, 2018