We deal with the various aspects of pizza with Antimo De Luca, more specifically, we focus on the concept of traditional pizza, understood as “neighborhood” pizza.  moreover, we talk about his childhood memories, in pizzeria and not, based  on pizza and “memory foods’’.

Interiew by: Marco Pesola, Ayrton Castello
Video by: Ayrton Castello, Alba Covisa
Video Editing: Ayrton Castello, Marco Pesola, Alba Covisa
Document by: Marco Pesola
Subtitle ita/eng by: Ayrton Castello, Marco Pesola, Alba Covisa
Translation by: Marco Pesola, Alba Covisa
MedEatResarch – Center of Social Research on the Mediterranean Diet of the University of Naples Suor Orsola Benincasa, head by Marino Niola and Elisabetta Moro
Realized: 10/05/2022
Antimo De Luca

Antimo De Luca

Date of birth: 10/05/1964
City: Napoli
Profession: Pizzeria owner
Language: Italian

Video table of contents

00:15 Presentation of Antimo De Luca
00:47 Description of memories related to pizzeria and pizza.
01:50 Excursus about his family to date.
02:54 Food of memory.
03:53 Discussion on his own concept of Pizza.
05:49 The interview tells us an anecdote about his first memories in the pizzeria
07:33 Discussion on the concept of seasonality
09:32 Internationalization of products and staff.
12:26 Fried pizza, preparation and quality of products
16:02 Greetings and conclusion.

Geographic information

Country: IT
Region: Campania
Città: Napoli
Altitude: 64m s.l.m.

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