The “Fenesta Verde” trattoria is part of the gastronomic history of Giugliano in Campania, a town that boasts an ancient culinary tradition rich in authentic flavours. The owner, Genoveffa, better known as Gena, together with her three brothers, is the cook of this restaurant inherited from her grandparents who opened it back in 1948.

Gena has also run another restaurant, “La Marchesella”, also in Giugliano in Campania, since 1989.

Talking to Gena, one is transported on a journey back in time through the history of the trattoria, which for over seventy years has seen generations of loyal customers pass by. Gena’s passion for cooking is contagious and palpable, it can be felt in her every word and is reflected in the pleasure she takes in telling her family history.

But it is not only passion that makes the difference in this restaurant, but also the quality of the ingredients used and the care taken in preparing the dishes.

Gena explains that the choice of ingredients is a crucial aspect of her cuisine, which has embraced the Slow Food philosophy for years. But passion and quality ingredients are not the only secrets of the trattoria’s success. The Iodice brothers are also very attentive to welcoming customers, as was their father. The trattoria, Gena explains, is a place where you immediately feel at home and where you can sit down and enjoy a plate of mezzanelli lardiati or minestra maritata, which she reveals are her favourite dishes.

Interiew by: Elena Morgese, Ester Mosca e Gloria Focone
Video by: Elena Morgese, Ester Mosca e Gloria Focone
Video Editing by: Elena Morgese, Ester Mosca e Gloria Focone
Document by: Elena Morgese, Ester Mosca e Gloria Focone
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MedEatResarch – Center of Social Research on the Mediterranean Diet of the University of Naples Suor Orsola Benincasa, head by Marino Niola and Elisabetta Moro
Realized: 18/05/2023

Genoveffa Iodice

Genoveffa Iodice

Year: 9/6/1967
City: Napoli
Education: Literature Degrees
Profession: Female cook
Language: Italian

Video table of contents

00:06 The Story of Fenesta Verde
08:32 La Marchesella
11:45 Mezzanelli lardiali and minestra maritata
15:46 Sunday Fresh Pasta
17:53 The Mediterranean Diet for Gena

Geographic information

Country: IT
Region: Campania
Città: Giugliano in Campania (NA)
Altitude: 97 m s.l.m

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