The interview with Fofò was an opportunity for growth and training for us. In fact, through his stories it is possible to retrace the various stages of Neapolitan gastronomic history and the importance of some pioneering products such as tomato and Hundred-Day Pea. All seasoned with a location where it is easy to feel at home.

Interiew by: Alessandro Palladino, Elisabetta Somma, Oriana Millocca
Video by: Alessandro Palladino ed Elisabetta Somma
Video Editing by: Elisabetta Somma
Document by: Oriana Millocca
Subtitle ita/eng by: Alessandro Palladino
Translation by: Alessandro Palladino
MedEatResarch – Center of Social Research on the Mediterranean Diet of the University of Naples Suor Orsola Benincasa, head by Marino Niola and Elisabetta Moro
Realized: 12/05/2023

Fofò Ferriere

Fofò Ferriere

City: San Giorgio a Cremano
Profession: Gastronome
Language: Italian and Neapolitan dialect

Video table of contents

00.29 The secret ingredient: simplicity
01.00 Fofò's great passions
01.10 The Hundred-Day Pea SlowFood Presidium
02.24 Ketchup with San Marzano
03.16 The bond with Peppe Vessicchio
03.50 The Bocuse d'Or in Sanremo
04.80 Products: Knowing them to taste them
05.00 Umami made in Naples
06.64 The history of friarielli
07.35 Spaghetti 'O Doje 'e Garibarde
08.45 Legends about the fork

Geographic information

Country: IT
Region: Campania
Città: San Giorgio a Cremano (NA)
Altitude: 56 m s.l.m